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Building up expressive toddlers

early learning for children AGES 1-2 years old

Laying the foundations for your child's development...

In our Toddler Room, we nurture your child's energetic personality.

Your child has a lot of energy they want to release during this age. So we let them. In this classroom, we keep minds engaged, bodies moving, and the fun times rolling! They may think it’s all just for play — but your child will be gaining important life skills.

Is fun included in the equation? You bet!

Our days are packed with stimulating experiences that build muscles and drive curiosity.

Let's help them grow up big and strong

We have three rooms in total: Each room includes five toddlers and/or 2-year-olds per caregiver (5:1 ratio), and seven 2 ½-year-olds per caregiver (7:1 ratio). We love our toddlers and maintain intimate sizes to build trust between caregivers and other children.

Individualized Support & Small Classroom Sizes

Naturally, your child is starting to develop their own personality at this age and we want to help them shine! Whether it’s making animal sounds or dancing, we want your child to express themselves in a way that feels fun to them. We also focus on helping your child organize objects and count the number sequence 1-5 to prepare for Pre-K.

Counting, Curiosity, and Self Expression

Any Physical Requirements?  To create a classroom experience suitable for learning, we ask that your child is capable of walking, feeding themselves, and using a sippy cup. 

We know your toddler may experience fidgety mid-day jitters when sitting in their chair for too long. That’s why when it’s too hot or cold to play outside, we take breaks in our hallway to encourage movement. Ball pits and climbing equipment make for a fun way to burn some energy!

Gross Motor Play

Key Daily Routine Activities

We make plenty of time for singing, playing, stories, and gathering in a circle to engage with one another. And of course, we also give your child the opportunity to explore outside. We have a fun playground, specifically made for toddlers, along with green space and routine buggy nature walks to spark social skills and creativity.

kind words from our families

- Johan Vera

I remember one of my sons would come home so excited sharing about all the bunnies he would meet during the day. The fact they have a beautiful outdoor space is so helpful!

“[My boys] enjoy the outside play with the opportunity to explore”

- Sean Booher

The staff is very caring and takes good care of our children.

“[Our kids] learn well with the teachers and we feel they are safe at the daycare.”

- Brittany Vestal

Patience is everything and they let my kids do it at their own pace!

“Just Us Kids is good at helping the potty training process.”

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Your child will be happy to walk through our doors 

Just Us Kids is an early learning center serving the greater Lafayette, Indiana area for children from 6 weeks to 12 years of age. 

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